Unusual engagement rings DIY - create your own butterfly Paradise Ring

Summary: This tutorial is going to teach you how to create an unusual engagement ring with glass cabochon and polymer clay butterfly cane. This is an amazing and simple ring DIY tutorial.

You want to wear a wonderful little world full of flowers and butterflies right on your finger? This wonderful butterfly paradise ring carries the spirit of beautiful flowers, colorful butterflies and a refreshing water drop. It will become the most unusual enjoyment ring in the world! Catch the happy life and wear it.



1) 1pc. silver color brass ring component 

2) 1pc. clear glass cabochon

3) Some different polymer clay butterfly canes to cut in as many pieces as you want - or already cut butterfly flake cabochons 

4) Some magazine cutting with flowers you prefer (the paper should be slightly glossy).



1) Liquid glue 

2) Scissors

3) Pencil.



Step 1: Make butterfly cut

1st, prepare the magazine cutting, the clear glass cabochon and the pencil. 

2nd, position the glass cabochon as desired and draw a line around it so you can cut it in the perfect fitting size.


Step 2: attach butterfly cut to ring shank

1st, put some glue in the ring components tray and immediately press the magazine cutting in it. 2nd, make sure the magazine cutting sticks well in all places.


Step 3: Finish the butterfly ring

1st, put some glue right in the middle of the magazine cutting and immediately press the clear glass cabochon on it. 

2nd, take some of the butterfly flakes and glue them one after another onto the glass cabochon and the side of the ring component as you prefer.


Congratulations! Your Butterfly Paradise ring is finished and ready to compete with real nature. Enjoy the summer and wear your unusual enjoyment ring to welcome your new life. 

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