Learn to Bead Jewelry- How to Make Beaded Jewelry Bracelets in Trendy Retro Style

Summary: Wanna learn to bead jewelry? If you are definitely good at jewelry making and have a creative flair on it, you can consider this how to make beaded jewelry bracelet inspiration. It is relatively easy and straightforward.

In ancient China, Egypt and many other old countries, colorful beads that made from wood, clay, metal or even animal bones had been widely utilized in the jewelry ornaments. Hence, learn to bead jewelry is one of most essential ability for craft fancier. Whether it is a necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings, you can fully make your appearance and outfit alive. In this inspiration, I will present the one how to make beaded jewelry bracelets in trendy vintage style. 

Things needed to learn to bead jewelry

Wood bead

Synthetic Turquoise bead

Tibetan Silver Bead

Natural Gemstone Bead

Zinc Alloy Beads Spacer

Crimp bead

Toggle Clasp

Tiger tail wire

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-cutter Plier

Round Nose Plier

How to make beaded jewelry bracelets?

Step1: gather together and arrange the beads

In the beaded bracelet, you’ll need to prepare five main elements: Oval Natural Gemstone Bead, Flat Round Tibetan Silver Bead, Square Synthetic Turquoise bead, Snowflake Zinc Alloy Beads Spacer and Rice Wood Beads (as the orders in picture shows).

Cut out about 50cm long tiger tail wire and fold it;

Then attach Ring portion of clasp onto folded location by using a Crimp Bead;

Thread the components one by one according to the order in picture.

Step2: complete whole bracelet

While finished the above portion, simply create a mirror image on the other side. In the end, shut the bracelet through assembling the rest Toggle portion by another Crimp Bead.

Get it? So easy to learn to bead jewelry, isn’t it? This idea is a great way to show your flair and talent on beads’ choosing and matching. Once your bracelet is made, you can wear them out and show your style off. More beads and more fun! Choose your style and try how to make beaded jewelry bracelets by you own right now!

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