Handmade Jewelry Pendant Tutorial - Make Vintage Dream Pendant

Summary: This handmade jewelry pendant tutorial aims at teaching you a quick and super easy way to make a vintage dream blossom pendant. I bet you will like it!

You enjoy the lovely, old looking things out of former times? Playful shapes, colorful flowers, sparkling glass and a lot of details make this handmade blossom pendant look like an old still life painting. 



1) 1pc. bronze color pendant setting

2) 1pc. alloy fancy pin 

3) 2pcs. bronze color iron pendants

4) 1pc. bronze color iron bead cap

5) 1pc. bronze color iron pendant

6) 1pc. bronze color iron bead cap 

7) 1pc. antique golden alloy pendant 

8) 1pc. antique golden tibetan silver bead cap

9) 1pc. orange acrylic pendant 

10) 1pc. orange acrylic pendant 

11) 1pc. orange acrylic flower 

12) 1pc. green acrylic flower 

13) 1pc. orange acrylic flower 

14) 1pc. orange acrylic flower 

15) 1pc. rainbow swarovski pendant

16) 1pc. green facetted drop glass bead 

17) 1pc. clear facetted drop glass bead 

18) 1pc. brown facetted drop glass bead 

19) 1pc. polymer clay flower cabochon 

20) 1pc. light pink acrylic cabochon 

21) 1pc. salmon-colored flower resin cabochon

22) 1pc. yellow flower resin cabochon 

23) 1pc. iron finding butterfly pendant



1) 1pc. glue gun

2) 1pc. plastic stick 

3) 1pc. side cutting plier 



Step 1: Glue first layer

1st, prepare the glue gun, let it heat up until the plastic stick melts and the glue gun is ready to use. 

2nd, put a drop of the glue onto the pendant setting and immediately press the first item onto it. 3rd, glue each item separately onto the tray. In this process use the following items: 3, 5, 6, 9 and 10.


Step 2: Glue second layer

Go ahead by gluing the following items onto the setting: 4, 8, 12, 13 and 22.


Step 3: Glue last layer

In this step glue item 14, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 23 onto the setting as shown on the picture.


Step 4: adorn with rest beads

Now take the side cutting plier and cut off the alloy pin right under its head so it fits into the flower. Finally glue the items 2, 7, 15 and 17 onto the pendant.


Well done! You made your own vintage dream pendant and can now dive into bygone times. You can use the handmade pendant as a necklace or as decoration for a handbag and combine it with a fitting chain, satin ribbon or a cord. Enjoy dressing vintage.

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