Wooden Jewelry Making Tutorial - Basic Bead Crafts for Kids

Summary: Here is a quick wooden jewelry making tutorial on how to make a beaded bracelet using wood beads and elastic cord. It is a relatively easy bead craft for kids to work with!

If you prefer making your own beaded bracelets and necklaces and wanna get your kids involved, check out this wooden jewelry making tutorial to learn how to create an elastic bracelet with simple steps. It is actually a pretty good bead craft for kids.


Supplies needed in the wooden bracelet

Wood Bead

6mm Acrylic Bicone Bead

Bead Cap

0.4mm Elastic Wire



How to start the wooden jewelry making project?

Step1: cut a length of elastic wire at 50cm long;


Step2: string: one 6mm bicone bead, one bead cap, one wood bead, one bead cap and one 6mm bicone bead. Pull all beads to the center of wire;


Step3: take two wire ends and thread through another three elements: one bead cap, one wood bead and one bead cap, from different directions;



Step4: add one 6mm bicone bead per wire and then thread through the three elements above in same way;



Step5: repeat the step 4 for a desire length;



Step6: in the last unit, take either of the wire ends to go through the three elements in first loop. Then, tie a firmly surgeon knot by two ends. 



If you are looking forward to spending this summer with your girls and boys, nothing is better than a good bead craft for kids. Additionally, when handle with this wooden bracelet making project, notice do not pull the stretch wire too tight or too loose. Nice day!

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