Jewelry Making with Wire and Bead - Make Your Own Pendant for a Bib Necklace

Summary: How to make your very own pendant for necklace? Today’s jewelry project making with wire and bead will show you a fabulous triangle pendant for your chokers or bib necklaces!

To find a way making your own pendant for necklace, this pendant is a very effective focal highlight for any piece of jewelry and can be made into statement necklaces, bib necklaces or chokers. Just a few supplies and limited time involved in this jewelry pendant making with wire and bead.


Supplies needed while making your own pendant

12mm Colorful Acrylic Bead

1.5mm Aluminum Wire

0.5mm Brass Wire


Flat Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier

Round Nose Plier


How to make your very own pendant?

Step1: Create large jumpring with alum wire

1st, find a mark pen or anything else with a diameter of 13 or 14mm;

2nd, remove the coils off from the pen;

3rd, snip the coils into 10 split loops with side cutting plier.


Step2: Wrap the bead in loop


1st, cut a length of 0.5mm brass wire, about 7~8cm long;

2nd, wrap one end of wire onto the alum jumpring;

3rd, string one 12mm acrylic bead;

4th, wrap the other end of wire onto the opposite location of jumpring.

Repeat the processes 1~4 for another 9 units for your own pendant.


Step3: Assemble the units above

1st, take another length of 2mm aluminum wire, flatten with flat nose plier;

2nd, wrap around the bottom of round nose plier for several wide and small jumpring;

3rd, place the 10 beaded units on flat accord to your desired pattern;

4th, combine the separate beaded unit one by one with the handmade small-sized jumprings.


The below is mine pendant:


Step4: Attach the chain

Take a length of chain and then attach two ends to the pendant as picture shows. Add a set of clasp if necessary!



Pendants making with wire and bead are actually artistic additions to any jewelry collections. This pattern was just developed to show you a regular way making the attractive pendant. Just let go your creativity and imagination and you'll able to whip up more stunning creations!

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