How to make bead jewelry patterns-seed bead bracelet instructions

Summary: Via today’s seed bead bracelet instructions, I’d like to share you a new creative project on how to make bead jewelry patterns easily and fast. Simply get your tiny seed beads and a roll of tiger tail wire and the instructions can be started right now.


Materials needed in seed bead bracelet instructions:

6/0 Sseed Bead

Iron bead tip


Hook and S-Hook Clasps

Tiger tail wire

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-cutter Plier

Round Nose Plier

How to make bead jewelry patterns?

Step1: add on bead tip

Snip off 15~20cm long tiger tail wire off the coil (or simply according to your wrist size). Then add on the Iron Bead Tip by Crimp bead as picture show.

Step2: make the seed bead strands

Slid the seed beads onto wire from white to deep blue color; each strand may need 60 or more pieces.

Step3: make the pattern

Make about three same seed bead strands. Next hook one tip of all onto a Jumpring and then then braid them.

Step4: ending work

Attach the clasp portion onto Jumprings and a piece of ombre seed bead bracelet is done!

So far, all details of seed bead bracelet instructions had been presented. How about my sprightly oceanic blue pallet or have these instructions inspire you? Try more color collocations and you will gain much more via learning how to make bead jewelry patterns in our pandahall!

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