How to Make a Cute Bracelet with Ribbon Bow and Pearl

Summary: Here is another simple and fun tutorial on how to make a ribbon and pearl bracelet for kids. A ribbon pearl bracelet can meet little girl’s desire of being a sweet princess.

Tiny bows on this ribbon pearl bracelet are truly cute. Do you have one little daughter who loves to dress up and dreams of wearing lovely jewelry? How about making a ribbon and pearl bracelet for her? Personally, I think making some accessories for her may be better than buying. The more important point is that this project is so easy that can involve you kid in together with you. How fun!

What do you need for making ribbon pearl bracelet?

10mm Half Round Acrylic Cabochons Imitation Pearl

25mm Satin Ribbons

6mm Satin Ribbon Champagne

3mm Satin Ribbon Light Yellow

Lace Trim


Hot Glue Gun

How to make a ribbon and pearl bracelet?

Step 1: make bows

Cut out a short strip of 25mm satin ribbon and fold a bow. Wrap the bow with 3mm ribbon. Then make another two bows with different patterns. Cut out a strip of 6mm ribbon measuring your daughter’s wrist and glue three bows on the ribbon inclined left.

Step 2: add beads and lace trim

Glue three beads at the right side of bows and one at left side. Cut out a lace trim with appropriate length; lay one end under the ribbon while the other end over the ribbon and secure with 3mm ribbon next to the beads.

Such a casual and personalized bracelet is born. I hope you give this ribbon and pearl bracelet project a try! Bows are one of the favorites among girls and also reflect the gentle, lovely and beautiful characteristics of girls.

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