Easy Tutorial about Making Pearl Charm Bracelet

Summary: This tutorial will teach you how to make a pearl bracelet. You can also make one with the pearl beads in pandahall.com.

Just with 4 easy steps, you can make a pearl bracelet. It is a charm bracelet for girls. And it can add glory to you. Please make it with us together.


How to make pearl bracelet:

1.Thing you’ll need: pearl beads, headpins, lobster claw clasp, jumpring and iron cross chain.


2.Make dangles. Slide a pearl bead onto a headpin and make a loop over the bead. Make enough dangles in that way.


3.Hook the dangles to the chain.

4.Add lobster claw clasp to one end of the chain, and add a jumpring to another end.

Done! Your pearl bracelet is finished. Do you like it? You can use other colors of bead to make. Hope this jewelry making idea can help you to make more charm bracelets for girls.

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