Halloween Earring Idea - Make Orange and Black Donut Candy Earrings

Summary: This DIY Halloween earring idea is to show you how to make Halloween style donut candy earrings with orange and black nylon threads.

Adorn yourself with the chic candy earrings on Halloween day! Besides those typical Halloween props, such as witch costumes, broom, pumpkin lantern and skull décor, some dainty and creative jewelry pieces can also embellish you on Halloween day. For example, this tutorial is to tell how to make orange and black donut candy earrings for this Halloween holiday.

Materials and tools:

1mm orange nylon thread

1mm black nylon thread

1.5mm orange aluminum wire

Golden Ear hooks

Flat nose plier

Round nose plier

Wire cutter



Step 1: Make wire hoop

1st, wrap aluminum wire around a cylinder that is in 4cm diameter;

2nd, cut the rings, loop one end with round nose plier;

3rd, wrap the other end under the loop, crimp down the wrap with flat nose plier;

4th, the hoops are done.

Step 2: wrap orange and black threads

1st, pick a piece of orange nylon thread and a piece of black nylon thread, both measure 35cm;

2nd, align the threads and wrap them around hoop, starting at left side of the loop;

3rd, when finishing all the way along the hoop, tie double overhand knots under the loop.

Attach ear hooks to the hoops.

Tada! The tutorial on how to make orange and black donut candy earrings is done. This is my first Halloween jewelry project; although the earrings don’t include black cat, pumpkin and other typical figure, they are actually in Halloween theme colors.

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