Halloween Evil Eye Bracelet Design - Make Braided Evil Eye Bracelet

Summary: Get a new design for Halloween bracelet DIY! This Halloween evil bracelet design will teach you how to make braided evil eye bracelet with red nylon thread and orange copper wire.

Our Halloween evil eye bracelet design can surprise you all yet. I really love this red thread braided evil eye bracelet, because this bracelet design is quite suitable for the atmosphere on Halloween day. Let’s learn how to make braided evil eye bracelet now!

Materials and tools:

1mm red nylon thread

0.5mm orange copper wire

1.5mm orange aluminum wire

10mm evil eye bead

Cord ends

Lobster clasp

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter



Step 1: Make evil eye charm

1st, pick a 18cm length of orange aluminum wire, loop one end;

2nd, arch 4cm wire and loop the other end;

3rd, arch another 4cm wire and coil the rest tail beside first loop;

4th, cut off excess aluminum wire and tuck the sharp end;

5th, pick a 40cm length of copper wire, coil several times around the upper middle part of aluminum frame;

6th, add evil eye bead onto wire and continue coiling around below middle part;

7th, coil the right half of frame, thread wire through the evil eye bead again and finish the left half.

Step 2: Braid the rest part of bracelet

1st, coil red nylon thread around evil eye charm;

2nd, pick another 3 pieces of red thread that measure about 30cm, string them through the loop of evil eye charm;

3rd, do a pair of square knots and then make triple-strand braiding 6cm;

4th, coil copper wire around the end of braiding, add cord end and make a wire wrapped loop.

Step 3: attach clasp to finis the bracelet

Attach lobster claw to one wire wrapped loop.

The final look is like this:

Tada! The Halloween evil eye bracelet tutorial is done. I believe this red braided evil eye bracelet will make your outstanding in every Halloween holiday activity. if you have a better evil eye jewelry idea, welcome to share them with us.

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