Costume Party Jewelry Ideas - How to Make Bloody Neck Necklace

Summary: Just for Halloween makeup, bloody neck necklace is a great idea! We will show how to make this bloody neck necklace with simple red glass beads and head pins.

Halloween costume party is coming! Have you well prepared your props and costumes? Such as witch hat, broom, cloak, lantern, skull and scary makeup? This bloody neck necklace will be a creative and funky addition to your Halloween makeup, don’t you believe? See the following.

Materials and tools;

Crystal wire

6mm red abacus glass beads

8mm red (dark red ) abacus glass beads

Head pins

Round nose plier


Glue (optional)


Step 1: Prepare the drips of blood

1st, pick a head pin, add one 8mm dark red bead and two 6mm red beads;

2nd, bend the rest tail into right angle and loop it with round nose plier;

3rd, as picture shows prepare 7 dangles resembling the dripping of blood;

Step 2: Make bloody neck (the base necklace)

1st, pick a 75cm length of crystal wire, fold it in half and slide 8mm red glass beads onto double wire;

2nd, slide 18 beads at most;

3rd, push the beads to front center, add above drips of blood and knot both ends of the beads to secure them from moving;

Step 3: Finish the necklace

1st, thread double wire through the loop end and tie a firm overhand knot;

2nd, then tie a surgeon knot with the double wire and cut off excess wire.

3rd, use a bit of glue to reinforce the knots.

The final look is like this:

Tada! Your frightening bloody neck necklace is done! The necklace will be an interesting part in your Halloween makeups; organize a funny mini play; one of your partner plays a vampire role and you would be the person he choose to bite.

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