How to Make Bearded Pumpkin Pendant - DIY Halloween Grandpa Pumpkin Decor

Summary: This DIY Halloween décor project is to show you a popular way about how to make bearded grandpa pumpkin pendant with orange seed beads and blue beads.

Last time, we have made a very cute hollow pumpkin accessory, but the pumpkin was just a pumpkin, there wasn’t any facial expression on it, so it was a pity and we felt some loss of fun. This time, we create another interesting pumpkin, a bearded grandpa pumpkin wearing orange coat and green flat cap.

Materials and tools:

0.3mm gold tiger tail wire

3mm orange seed beads

16mm orange acrylic bead

10mm green abacus acrylic bead

Golden head pin

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter


Step 1: Make grandpa pumpkin

1st, pick a 40cm length of tiger tail wire, thread the wire through the large orange bead, coil around the bead once and back through it;

2nd, wrap the short tail around the coil from under it, tie a knot there and cut off excess tail;

3rd, slide 13 orange seed beads onto long tail, coil the tail around the large bead and back through it again;

4th, continue beading and coiling;

5th, when making grandpa pumpkin’s face, remember that 5th and 9th beads are blue in first and fifth column, 7th and 8th are blue in second and fourth column, and 6th in third column (from right to left);

6th, thread long tail under previous coils, tie a knot there, cut off excess wire and hide the tail in beads.

Step 2: Finish the décor

1st, thread a head pin through the bearded grandpa pumpkin;

2nd, add a green abacus bead and loop the tail with round nose plier.

The final look is like this:

Tada! The Halloween pumpkin décor is done. Our grandpa pumpkin looks very serious at first sight; but after a close look, we find it very funny and cute, in particular with that pair of mustache and flat cap.

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