Chinese Knot Tutorial on Tying Pipa Knot

Summary: In this tutorial, we will teach you how to tie a Pipa knot. It looks like the Chinese musical instrument-lute, so Chinese peopple called Pipa, and its the name comes from.

Pipa knot is a decorative knot,  you can make a small one as a earring dangle, or make a big one for wall decoration as you like,  get started right now!

Tutorial on how to tie Pipa knot:

Step 1: Start to make.

1st, you should make a button knot;

2nd, make a loop with one strand;

3rd, wrap the strand around the strands for a circle under the button knot;

4th, grasp the strand with the left part of the loop;

 start making Pipa knot with a button knot

Step 2: Continue wrapping the loop like in step 1 until you get enough loops as the pictures shows below. 

 continue wrapping the loop as the Step1

Step 3: Pass the strand through the loop to the back.

 the Pipa knot shape came out

Step 4: Tie an overhand knot.

 tie an overhand knot

Step 5: Cut off the extra strand.

 Pipa knot is finished

So pipa knot is born,  have you learned it?  If not, continue to pracetise, next time we will introduce you another decorative knot- snake knot!

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