Making a Gorgeous Shamballa Bracelet for Easter Day

Summary: This tutorial aims to tell you an easy way to braid a bracelet; it is actually about shamballa bracelet instructions; so we will teach ever beginner to create a simple bracelet as an Easter day’s gift.

Even if just possess few of strings and beads; you needn't worry about the giveaways of handmade Easter gifts; follow our shamballa bracelet instructions, you can make a series of exquisite and impressive bracelet patterns;

Making a bracelet is not difficult, especially this kind.

The materials and tools need in the shamballa bracelet instructions :

0.8mm Metallic Cord

8mm blackAgate Beads



The instructions start from here:

Step 1: prepare the loop end of bracelet
1st, cut a piece of 20cm thread as the base thread, and a piece of 45cm as working thread;
2nd, fold the longer thread into half, leave a 0.5cm length of loop at top end and tie shorter thread to it;
3rd, cut off excess end and use glue to secure the knot.

Step 2: making a bracelet in shamballa style

1st, braid a square knot, and push it to below the loop;
2nd, add a bead onto base thread and continue braiding a square knot;
3rd, till the length meets your requirement, you can stop braiding and turn to do several finish knots;
4th, trim off excess threads and use glue to secure if necessary.


The instruction on making a shamballa bracelet is over, and you will successfully make a bracelet as Easter day gift for family or friend; if try several times, you will find it really easy-to-do and get fond of such kind of string bracelets making.

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