Leather Wrap Bracelet Tutorial - Make a Black and Orange Leather Wrap Bracelet

Summary: Here is a demonstration on how to make a leather wrap bracelet. Using your own black leather cord and orange beads, take about half an hour for a festival beaded leather wrap bracelet!

With an assortment of black leather cords and orange beads, this beaded leather wrap bracelet will get you in the thrilling Halloween moment. The only key to learn how to make this wrap bracelet is the choosing of color palette, for Halloween, that is the combination of black and orange. So, here we go!

Supplies needed for leather wrap bracelet:

Leather Cord

8mm Rubber Glass Beads

Acrylic Rhinestone Beads

Sewing Thread



How to make the leather wrap bracelet?

Step1: cut a 40cm piece of leather cord and then get the sewing thread and needle ready. Fold the leather cord in half and sew the acrylic rhinestone bead at center location.

Step2: thread the needle through the leather cord below next to acrylic bead, string one 8mm rubber glass bead, go over the cord end above, then pass through the glass bead again. Finally, go under the cord end below.

Step3: keep adding the beads and thread over and under the two cord ends until the beaded part fits your wrist circumference.

Step4: thread the needle through leather cord as beginning. Secure with a knot snugly.

Step5: tie an overhand knot with two leather cords at end. Keep 1cm at both and trim off the excess.

Insert the acrylic bead into the final loop


In no time you can follow and practice this Halloween inspired leather wrap bracelet tutorial. The combination of bright orange and dark black is the perfect focal piece if you’re going to dress yourself up on that day! Hope you’ll enjoyed this way how to make a leather wrap bracelet!

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