DIY Personalized Jewelry - How to Make Leather Bracelets for Women

Summary: Personalized jewelry can show our personality. And in this tutorial, we can teach you a method about making leather bracelets for women.

In our impression, leather jewelry is suitable for man. The man who wears leather bracelet will look very cool. What if the women wear the leather jewelry? Here, we want to teach you how to make leather bracelets for women. You can have a look and make one.


5 Steps to make leather bracelet:

1.Materials you’ll need: leather, glass beads(4mm& 8mm), ribbon end, suede cord, headpins, jumprings, lobster claw clasp, bead caps and alloy link.


2.Add a ribbon end to each end of the leather.


3.Connect two jumprings to the loops of the ribbon end.

4.Add the alloy link to the jumpring, and add a lobster claw clasp to the other jumpring.

5.Make dangles with Swarovski crystal beads and headpins. Hook the small dangles to the jumprings and the bigger one to the alloy link. 

Congratulations! Your leather bracelet is finished. You can make one at home. It is very easy. 

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