How to Make a Hyper Ribbon Necklace with Beads

Summary: Do you the one that love making the effort to learn how to make various types of necklace by yourself? Here is a simple and detailed tutorial on making a hyper ribbon and bead necklace that is suitable for little girls.

Ribbon beaded necklace turns out to be popular no matter in any time or among any age. This necklace is colorful and attractive that uses green and pink as major color, with sweetness of bows, it must add color to your lively daughter. If you want to learn how to make this ribbon necklace, just follow the instruction below to get started without any worries.

What do you need for making a ribbon necklace?

12mm Colorful Acrylic Beads (Hot Pink and Cyan)

6mm Satin Ribbon (Pink, Light Green and Deep Pink)

0.8mm Nylon Thread White


Hot Glue Gun

How to make a ribbon and bead necklace?

Step 1: thread beads and attach ribbons

1st, cut out a string of nylon thread and thread 7 hot pink acrylic beads. Slide on two cyan acrylic beads from each end; then thread two hot pink beads at each side again;

2nd, wrap a pink ribbon around beads for curly effect and tie both ends to nylon thread next to the last bead;

3rd, use the same method to tie up a light green ribbon with wrapping the pink one.

Step 2: add embellishments

4th, fold a small bow with green ribbon;

5th, glue the small bow to the first intersection of pink and green ribbon;

6th, make other bows and glue one bow to each intersection;

7th, loop the tails of pink and green ribbon into flower shape;

8th, add a pom-pom to each ribbon flower. Tie the nylon thread and glue a simple bow made from deep pink ribbon to cover the knot.

Hope you like it!

This is all about our bead and ribbon necklace tutorial. If there is an instant hit for you, you cannot miss it.

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