Beginner’s Jewelry Making Project - Make Your Own Pearl Necklace

Summary: In this beginner’s jewelry making tutorial we’ll show how to make your own pearl necklace. Meanwhile, customize it become more vogue, typical and in fashion.

Undeniably, pearls hold their outstanding peak for elegant ornaments for all the time, especially on the bridal accessories. However, how to make your own pearl necklace be wearable and available every day? This beginner’s jewelry making tutorial will just demonstrate you a super chic style.


Supplies needed in your own pearl necklace:

Glass Pearl Bead (4mm, 6mm, 8mm & 10mm)

Multi-strand links (or a pair of 5-strand Brass Hook and Eye Clasp Set)

Crimp Bead


Lobster Claw Clasp

0.35mm Tiger Tail Plier

Flat Nose Plier



How to make your very own pearl necklace?

Step1: Create the Focal pearl bead pendant

1st, prepare two links (or remove the two bars off from the S-hook clasp);

2nd, cut a length of tiger tail wire, measuring about 15cm;

3rd, attach the wire to first loop on link, using a crimp bead and your flat nose plier;

4th, string 14 small-sized pearl beads, meanwhile, feed the leftover wire at beginning tip in first 2 or 3 pearls;

5th, attach the wire tail to first loop on the other link, stuck the excess wire at adjacent pearls as before.


6th, repeat processes 1~5 for the rest 4 beaded strands. Pay attention add one more pearl in ensuing 4 rows.


Step2: Bead the rest pearl necklace parts

1st, cut a length of 25cm long wire, attach one end to the link with crimp bead;

2nd, string three 6mm pearl beads, two 8mm pearl beads and one 10mm pearl beads;

3rd, string the 8mm and 10mm pearls alternately for a desired length;

4th, repeat the processes 1~3 for the other side.


Step3: Attach the clasp

Using the crimp bead and flat nose plier, attach the clasp and one jumpring at two ends of necklace.




For a trendy look, this pearl necklace accents with multiple strands of small-sized pearl beads provides a stylish statement that allows it to work for both day and evening outfit combinations. Love it? Just follow the beginner’s jewelry making project, or you’ll miss a golden opportunity!

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