Personalized Birthstone Necklace Project - Make Necklace with Copper Wire and Turquoise Beads

Summary: Our personalized birthstone necklace project is going to tutor you a simple way to make wire wrapped necklace with multi-shaped turquoise beads.

Today the project backs to wire wrapping again; we are going to utilize easy wire wrapping techniques to make pretty personalized birthstone necklaces; this kind of DIY necklace can be either kept for yourself as a beautiful and wearable jewelry piece, or sent to others as birthday gifts.


Materials and tools:

0.5mm gold copper wire

Synthetic turquoise beads

Black suede cord

Flat nose plier

Round nose plier

Wire cutter



Step 1: Make caged turquoise beads

1st, pick a piece of gold copper wire that measures about 36cm;

2nd, at the 1/3 position make a wire wrapped loop with round nose plier and slide heart-shaped turquoise bead onto base wire;

3rd, wrap working wire against the front side of the heart shaped turquoise;

4th, squeeze the heart shaped turquoise upwardly and wrap working wire right under the bead;


5th, the heart shaped turquoise is secured and then slide a large flat turquoise onto base wire;

6th, wrap working wire around this large bead in your favorite way;

7th, secure this caged bead by wrapping rest wire under it;

8th, leave about 6-8cm length of base wire and cut off the excess;

9th, coil the 6-8cm base wire with round nose plier, so the caged bead pendant is done.


Step 2: Finish the birthstone necklace

1st, cut a 50cm piece of black suede cord;

2nd, thread it through the pendant loop and tie a bowknot at back.


The final look is like this: 


Now the tutorial of making necklace with copper wire and turquoise beads is done; it is a great opportunity to learn something about wire wrapping and caged beads, we bet such kind of techniques are really useful in personalized necklace making. 

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