Handmade Necklace Ideas - Make a Beaded Necklace with Agate Necklace

Summary: Today’s handmade necklace ideas are all about the upcoming Halloween! It’s a handmade fall agate necklace with silver or platinum metal pendants, like pumpkin, skull, spider, etc.

A handmade bead charm necklace will be the focus of your Halloween attire when you learn how to make this intriguing beaded necklace. In the project, we mix the gleaming agate beads and cool metal pendants and beads in. the pattern is amazing but the steps are extremely easy. Here we go!

Supplies needed in necklace idea:

8mm Natural Agate Beads (orange & mixed color)

6mm Black Stone Beads

16mm Acrylic Beads

Black Disc Glass Beads

Tibetan Beads

Metal Alloy Pendants

Crimp Bead

0.8mm Brass Wire


Leather Cord

Tiger Tail Wire

Side Cutting Pliers

Flat Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

How to make the beaded necklace?

Step 1: Make the necessary bead strands

1st, cut two lengths of tiger tail wire to approximately 40cm long for each;

2nd, string the prepared beads in a relatively random pattern as picture shows;

Step 2: combine the bead strands with leather cord

1st, measure a length of leather cord around the back of neck;

2nd, make a loop of one end of bead strands by using crimp bead and flat nose pliers;

3rd, string the two loops on bead strands;

4th, fold starting 1cm area of leather cord. Then wrap a handmade cord end with 0.8mm brass wire. Finally, trim off the excess wire and flatten the cut with pliers;

5th, repeat the same to the other side of necklace.

Step3: adorn with the metal pendants

Attach the pendants by using jumprings!


There you’ve made your Halloween bead and charm necklace! Besides, it can also be worn daily or on other holidays as the east of replacement and removal of each pendant and charm! Hope this handmade agate necklace can be included in your favorite list! More Halloween project from Halloween jewelry making party!

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