Jewelry Making Ideas - Crystal Candy Jewelry Set Making Pattern

Summary: Get ready for fall and Halloween trendy with this set of candy pattern jewelry with crystal beads. The fun jewelry making idea features a clear, red and orange color combination. Full tutorial!

Trick or treat, is a customary activity for children on Halloween in many countries. All kids go with their little buddies to knock on neighbors doors and ask for candies or food. Therefore, the theme for today’s jewelry making idea is candy. We’ll show you how to bead a candy pattern crystal jewelry set in less than 2 hours! It’s greatly fun and Halloween style!

Supplies needed for a crystal jewelry set:

8mm Bicone Glass Beads

6mm Bicone Glass Beads

4mm Bicone Glass Beads

1mm Waxed Cord

0.3mm Brass Wire

Earring Hooks



How to make the crystal candy?

1st, cut a length of 0.3mm brass wire to approximately 40cm long;

2nd, slide one light blue 8mm bicone glass bead to center. Then thread the right wire end through the bead from left to right;

3rd, take two light blue 8mm bicone glass beads and direct two wire ends through from two directions;

4th, add three red 8mm bicone glass beads in same way;

5th, then add 4 red ones, 5 red ones, 6 orange ones and 7 orange ones in same way;

6th, take the two wire ends to cross the second row from bottom. Then, twist for 5 or 6 times and trim off the excess. Finally, stuck the twisted tail in adjacent bead and this is the basic unit for the crystal jewelry set


1st, replace the 8mm beads with 6mm and 4mm beads for making another 2 basic units;

2nd, place the 3 basic bead units on a flat and take another short piece of 0.3mm brass wire;

3rd, pass the wire through the central bead at bottom of 8mm unit, then the top bead at 6mm unit. Finally twist the wire for secure. Wrap one more time if necessary;

4th, combine the 6mm unit with 4mm unit in same way;

5th, cut a length of waxed cord, slide the pendant, and create two sliding knots.



1st, cut a length of 0.3mm brass wire to approximately 60cm long;

2nd, create a basic unit with 6mm bicone glass beads;

3rd, regard the 7-bead row as center line and then repeat the same process backwards for a rhombus pattern;

4th, take a piece of waxed cord, pass through the starting and ending bead. Tie two sliding knots for a closure.



1st, make two basic units with 4mm bicone glass beads;

2nd, place the earring hooks, jumprings and two basic units on a flat as picture show;

3rd, attach the earring hooks using jumprings.


Here is a photo of the final crystal jewelry set for a Halloween style:

In a few steps you can create this amazingly beautiful crystal jewelry set for the special Halloween themed party as well as a fall trend. Follow these instructions and jewelry making ideas to spruce up your festival costume. More Halloween project from Halloween jewelry making party!

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