Make a Black and Orange Bracelet for Halloween

Summary: It’s easy to create bracelets for special themes when you follow our easy jewelry making ideas. Here is a 10-minute project is about a simple memory wire bracelet for Halloween!

Beside those spooky costumes and scary accessories, a plain black and orange bracelet gets a touch of Halloween in that day as well. As long as you’ve made that featured bracelet, the hearts will be entirely attracted by its glamor. Now, let’s just start to create the easy-making memory wire bracelet in no time.

Supplies needed for a black and orange bracelet:

4mm Rubber Glass Beads (orange)

6mm Black Stone Beads (black)

Memory Wire

Eyepin (or Headpin)

Metal Alloy Pendant (pumpkin)

Flat Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Side Cutting Pliers

How to make the Halloween memory wire bracelet?

Step1: Cut a 6-turn length of memory wire. Loop one end of the memory wire using the round nose pliers;

Step2: Alternately string the black and orange beads onto the memory wire;

Step3: Loop the other open end of memory wire by using the round nose pliers;

Step4: Slide one extra orange bead onto pin and make a dangle with pliers. Finally, attach the two decorative elements.


What an easy jewelry making idea, isn’t it? The variations of memory wire and beads are always endless and boundless no matter what type and style you want. For a Halloween themed memory wire bracelet, orange and black beads are ok. So, how about other holidays? Just be creative then!

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