How to Make Chunky Beaded Necklace with Orange and Black Beads

Summary: How to make a Halloween necklace? This adorable orange, black and green chunky beaded necklace is so fun and festival! Learners at any level can make in no time!

As a typical Halloween necklace, this chunky beaded necklace is a mix of orange, black and green coordinating beads paired an extra-large pumpkin pendant. Additionally, with the help of firm tiger tail wire and secure lobster claw closure, the necklace is worth having a try! In the following contents, we’ll show you how to bead the necklace in details with photo illustration!

Supplies needed for the Halloween necklace:

Orange Flat-round Acrylic Beads

Black Round Acrylic Beads

Green Abacus Glass Bead

Pumpkin Resin Bead


Lobster Claw Clasp (with closed rings)

Crimp Bead

0.5mm Tiger Tail Wire

Flat Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Side Cutting Pliers

How to bead the Halloween necklace?

Step 1: Get the wire prepared

1st, cut a length of tiger tail wire to approximately 80~100cm long, depending on the size of individual’s neck;

2nd, thread the wire through the ring at bottom of lobster clasp and pull to ensure two ends are equal. Then anchor with a crimp bead and pliers.

Step 2: Slide the beads

1st, string the 3 types of beads in the following sequence onto the wire:

One 6mm green abacus glass bead

One orange flat-round acrylic bead

One 6mm green abacus glass bead

One 16mm black round glass bead

2nd, repeat these sequence 15 or 17 times and this is main part of your necklace.

Step 3: Close the necklace and attach the pendant

1st, slide a crimp bead on the remaining wire tail and then thread through another ring on the clasp. Pull the wire snugly and squeeze the crimp bead;

2nd, stuck the wire at adjacent beads;

3rd, hang the pumpkin pendant at center of necklace by using a jumpring.


So, you’ve made your very Halloween necklace now. This necklace can be customized for any length as you like. And what’s more, its cost is so economical that you can make such chunky beaded necklace for every person around! Happy Halloween!

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