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About Pandahall Learning Center

Pandahall Learning Center is a large and free active online community on craft knowledge sharing. It collects thousands of inspiration projects, techniques instructions about beading, wire wrapping, braiding etc.,as well as craft ideas and customer shows. In this craft circle, you can collect inspiration, get crafts ideas, learn to make crafts, show your brilliant craft works. What’s more, you can earn coupons from our Pandahall Learning Center. Our goal is to connect craft fans all over the world through those beautiful and creative crafts, make Pandahall Learning Center become the largest crafts community. Welcome to join Pandahall Learning Center!

Our Craft Team

We have a magical craft workshop & brilliant team to create amazing craft works for craft fancier.

Pandahall Craft Team

We’ve gathered a group of young ladies who are good at beadwork crafts. Such as Amber excels in various jewelry braiding; April is good at beading works; Sue is skillful at wire wrapping; Hilda is adept at making hair accessories etc. So far, these genius girls have created thousands of craft tutorials on inspiration projects, easy craft and technique articles, which is precious resources for craft fan.
Under the help of these illustrated tutorials and articles, we believe you will make a great progress in crafting soon.

Bead and Wire Triangle Earrings Bead and Wire Triangle Earrings HandmadeShell Earrings
Acrylic Ring in Bloom pattern Handmade Mother's Birthstone Rings 2-step Seed Bead Ring Rings
Necklace Very Own Charm Necklace Individual Fashion Turquoise Necklace
8-strand Friendship Bracelet String and Acrylic Bead Bracelet Bicolor Woven Hemp Bracelet for Guy Friendship Bracelet
Bracelet Braided Chain Bracelet Beaded Cuff Braceletwith Flower Pattern Bead and Wire CharmBracelet

New inspiration projects and jewelry making techniques are added to our learning center often. Each inspiration, from beautiful necklace and bracelet to charming earring and ring, is made from beads and components that you can order right from our site! Be sure to keep checking back for newly updated projects and you’ll obtain more than 500 fresh innovative patterns, practical jewelry making techniques and information about color combination and more.

An invitation to every fan and customer at our web

Though we have an excellent craft team to create brilliant works, we still hope you genius craft fancier to join us and enrich our learning center. If you are a big crafting fan that interested in making jewelry and other beads-relevant crafts, you can share your craft instruction articles with us.

If your articles are successfully adopted by Pandhall Learning Center, you will be rewarded 100 to 200 scores, the exact score depends on your articles quality. 10 scores can be converted to 1 USD cash coupon that you can use for purchasing goods on That means you can get free crafting materials in our online store Never hesitate to send email to [email protected]; any question about reward and article is always welcome!